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For all future portfolio works, please see

Works can be purchased via

Solo Show at Gallerie M

Annan’s paintings will be at Gallerie M through August 10th. Prints and paper works are also available.


Exhibition at the InterContinental Hotel

If you are in the Milwaukee area, stop by the InterContinental Hotel to see my painting and craftism works, along with works of 5 other great artists who are finalists for the Pfister Artist in Residency Program. If my works touch you, please vote for me here:

Thank you!

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Craftism Technique

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Living in Accra teaches you that nothing should be wasted. This craftism technique was born out of the scraps of wood and saw dust that come with frame making. The technique uses a high volume of paint to cover the crevices in the wood.

Beauty Within

Beauty Within

A deep respect for elders and authority has made it difficult for young Ghanaians to look people in the eyes. The pride and confidence of this woman, as she stares directly into your eyes with a non-aggressive demeanor, shows that her beauty within even surpasses that on the outside. While the beauty of an African women has long been defined by her curves, the future generation of women has redefined femininity by taking on more roles–in the workforce, at home, and in society. Taking on new roles requires a great deal of confidence. That inner beauty is the new mark of African women.



A first step towards feeling good is looking good. And the first step towards looking good is being original.

New Shirt Designs

Check out my new shirt designs! Original artwork on fabric. Can be framed or worn.

Painting Shirts


Car on Shirt


Shirt Designs

Please contact me if you would like one for yourself or a loved one.