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An Artist’s Statement for the Day

August 30, 2012

Painting is poetry. The strokes and colors are like words. A work can tell a story by itself, but an artist’s statement can shed light on a deeper meaning. The emotional reaction by an observer is not always due to the statement the artist tries to make in the work. Therefore, an artist’s statement may cause an observer to see in a different way.

Annan’s works highlight the paradox of everyday African life. What seems mundane and sad to an outsider may be a secret source of joy for the subject in the painting. Here is an example:



Good Day:

In what viewers have often described as the “African Mona Lisa,” “Good Day” shows a woman whose mouth rests in neither a smile nor a grimace. This is in fact because she is doing both. The apawa (pan) on her head, which was once filled with something like fish or oranges, is now empty. Though her livelihood is based on something as difficult as selling, her day has been satisfying because her mission was successful. And she smiles. Nonetheless, she knows the same tiring work will be required tomorrow, and her smile is constrained.

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  1. CaAdel events permalink

    Beautiful artwork Frances….x

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