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African Culture and the Environment, Art Exhibition

August 29, 2013

The art exhibition of Francis Annan Affotey and Victor Matthew Ablorh will open at Novotel Hotel, Accra, Thursday November 5th, 2013 at 6:30PM. Please come to the opening event to hear the guest of honor, Mr. Nabanyin Pratt, immediate past Dean of GIMPA, comment on the importance of art among youth. Guests will then follow the artists as they lead the group through the Novotel hallways, discussing some of their displayed works.

Exhibition Theme: African Culture and the Environment

The environment has a tremendous impact on culture. Every day, humans make use of the natural resources that surround them. Look at the coast, supporting everything from small-scale fisherman to big oil companies. Look at the market place, where women sell the cloth or vegetables that were also once available to them for purchase. But culture can in turn shape the state of the environment. Look at the increase of houses and buildings in Accra, deforestation in Tamale, or something positive like ecotourism in Cape Coast or Kwahu. Albert Einstein said, “The environment is everything that isn’t me.” This exhibition’s artwork focuses on both the natural and man-made environment, showing how it affects occupations, moods, livelihoods, culture, and the state of Africa itself. You can see how humans affect the environment in Victor’s depiction of bush burning, deforestation, and also in paintings of protected pristine forests. You can see how humans make use of their environment in Francis’ paintings of instruments, townscapes, or a woman cooking. Art is an important medium through which we humans understand our delicate relationship with the environment.


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